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Equine Managers & Consultants
Home of Hall of Fame Sire, Nevado



The Nevado Ranch is a Division of Dinner In The Dirt Inc. 

We are equine managers, consultants and advisors who help horse owners excel and master horsemanship.  The Nevado Ranch offers equine educational seminars and private consultation. 

Distinguished horse owners, whether new or seasoned, want to learn how they can improve the lives of their horses.   They want access to knowledge and expert education.   The challenge is that the responsibility of horse ownership spans several topics and horsemanship programs that offer a well-rounded, complete curriculum are difficult to find.

At The Nevado Ranch, we take it one step at a time.  We want to concentrate on the basics that are overlooked by so many equine teaching programs.  Even if you've had years and years of horse ownership, did you ever really learn about the importance of equine nutrition or how to proactively manage your horse's mental and physical health?   Understanding the horse and becoming "horse smart" is fun and will enhance your equine enjoyment!

Our goal is to improve the lives of horses by sharing knowledge and expertise with their caring horse owners.


 Topics of knowledge include:

ü  Horse Handling & Communication

ü  Understanding Nutrition

ü  The Importance of Equine Podiatry

ü  The Importance of Equine Dentistry 

ü  Proper Care & Management

ü  Safety Protocol 

ü  Reproduction & Foal Management

ü  Managing Your Horse's Environment

ü  The How-To's in Emergency Practices 

ü  Saving Dollars by Making Right Choices

ü  Horse Evaluations

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