Presenting Dinner In The Dirt
"Horses Dance As You Dine!"

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So What Is Dinner In The Dirt™?

inner in the Dirt™ is a Gala unlike any other.  

It will be one of the most memorable dinners of your life!

Dinner in the Dirt™ brings together all of the elements necessary for a g
reat time: excitement, comedy, good food, adventure and just a hint of the unknown. Plus, it introduces you to a concept that has not, as of yet, been embraced by the horse industry, interactive spectator events. 
You may have your reservations, mostly because of the word, “dirt,” in the same sentence as the word, “dinner.”  

But, those reservations will all melt away as soon as you see your seats. They will be situated “in the dirt” in the show ring area. Surrounded by a natural setting,
adorned with fresh bouquets, draped with elegant linens and setup in a fashion that would make Martha Stewart proud, these tables will look as if they belonged in a four-star restaurant.

Imagine under the Stars
In a Lush Natural Setting
Festive Ambiance
Delicious Food & Drink
Unbelievable Performances
A Wonderful Experience!


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